Hey everyone, I just want to give everyone a heads up on what’s happening with the podcast.

1: The RHCrew Podcast is now operating as a subsidiary of RHCrew Productions, L.L.C.

2: We will be working with a comedy writer that I can’t name yet. He’s already sent us some material and it’s hilarious. He currently has a new book out too.

3: I’ve made some changes to the website that I think make it easier to navigate.

4: The Patreon is almost ready to launch, and I think you’ll really like the rewards for being a subscriber.

5: We’re going to move all discussion about specific episodes over to the official RHCrew Podcast Facebook Page. It will belp expand our reach and hopefully encourage more people to join in on the conversation.

6: We’re looking for interesting people to interview. If you or someone you know has an interesting story let us know. We also want to talk with business owners/managers/ and individuals about what they do. So point them our way.