As you’ve likely noticed, all of the posts regarding season 1 & 2 have vanished. Don’t worry though, this was intentional. Let me explain.

Many of you are new listeners and we are excited to welcome you into our circle. When Jae and I started this podcast, it was only meant for some close friends. About 45 people to be exact. It wasn’t until near the end of season 2 that we decided we wanted to open up the podcast for a larger audience.

Since our original intention was to keep the podcast among a group of personal friends, many of the episodes have some personal information, memories, and experiences that are best kept out of the general public to keep our private lives well, private.

But all is not lost. I’m going to be going through all of the original episodes  and editing out anything too personal so I can re-release them.

Remember to subscribe to us at at or even to this very website for more updates and future releases. Thanks for being part of The Crew! -Shorty P.