We find out how long it took Chopper to recover from his hangover, Duke gives out some dating advice. We also talk about an Oklahoma teacher that was getting his kicks in front of the students and why teachers are placed on a pedestal which reveals to us how long we’ve all been assholes. More shameless Patreon plugs. Chopper reveals his new subscription service “Choppergrams” which is the first subscription service that you buy exclusively for other people. We question just how good is Taco Bell must be and wonder how much it would take to strong arm us into prostitution. Is it wrong to fire a no-call/no-show if they’re taking off to protest? Can you trust online reviews? Are you a dick if you don’t tip for bad service? Shorty talks about the time he got to be the Vessel of Karma. On Jae’s Playlist was Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps and Flaw – Whole. See ya next Monday!